Top Google Ads Agency CEO on the Impact of AI on PPC


Kasim Aslam is the CEO of Solutions 8. He is a widely recognized thought leader in the search marketing arena, due to his exceptional track record of delivering exceptional PPC results and driving business growth through innovative marketing strategies. Sol8 manages $70M a year in PPC ad spending for roughly 200 clients of all sizes, from publicly traded brands to startups.

Throughout his career, Kasim has demonstrated a unique ability to understand the ever-evolving search marketing landscape and leverage his insights into the Google ecosystem to drive high-impact paid media marketing initiatives that achieve high multiple returns on ad spend. He is also the host of the Perpetual Traffic Podcast.

We met at the Affiliate Meet Market in Berlin last year, where he delivered the opening keynote address.

  • Which types of products and services are easiest to sell through PPC advertising
  • Which product and service categories are most profitable online right now
  • How much it costs to hire a top Google ad agency to run your PPC campaigns
  • How he decides what companies to accept in his incubator program
  • How to create PPC ads that convert and drive qualified traffic
  • The role of AI in PPC advertising and the switch to Performance Max campaigns
  • And much, much more

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