PRSA Chairman Jeff Julin Shares His Vision for His Term


PRSA Chairman and President of MGA Communication Jeff Julin on his role as PRSA Chairman.

This PR podcast was recorded at the Public Relations Society of America International Conference in Philadelphia.

Jeff Julin is the Chairman of the Public Relations Society of America. Mr. Julin is also president of MGA Communications, Inc. with 30 years experience in public relations, community affairs, communication strategies and marketing communication programs.

He has worked with numerous controversial projects, from product liability to regulatory and labor situations, and has acquired strong skills in issues and crisis management.

Show Notes:

3:24 – Julin on being elected to Chairman of PRSA.

5:30 – Julin on his PR firm MGA Communications.

6:12 – Julin on balancing his schedule to meet the needs of PRSA and MGA Communications simultaneously.

6:48 – Julin on what led him to become an active PRSA member.

7:54 – Julin on how he got into public relations.

9:24 – Julin on becoming President of PRSA.

10:44 – Julin reveals the biggest challenges currently facing the PR industry.

11:44 – Julin on what he plans to do as PRSA President.

13:19 – Julin on the impact of PRSA on his professional development.

14:12 – Julin shares his biggest surprise on how things work inside the PRSA.

15:09 – Julin discusses laying the groundwork for his imminent term at the PRSA 2007 International Conference.

16:58 – Julin talks about the benefits of being an active PRSA member.

18:01 – End

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