Social Media in the Board Room with MSL Group CEO Mark Hass


MSL Worldwide CEO Mark Hass on penetrating China, his acquisition criteria for acquiring PR firms and what it takes to be a managing director.

Hass leads MSL Worldwide and acts as a strategic counselor to the firm's largest clients, including General Motors, Philips and Procter &Gamble.

As CEO of Hass Associates, which was Michigan's largest PR firm, he was senior counsel to GM, and a key consultant to Chrysler.

Show Notes:

3:46 – Hass on how social media changed the public relations industry.

5:50 – Hass on discussing social media in board room.

8:41 – The relationship between stock price and PR Tech adoption.

9:13 – Hass on Google's big secret.

11:07 – Hass on the future of media relations as a PR agency revenue driver.

12:42 – Hass on reinventing the business of public relations.

14:09 – Hass on the economic future for MS&L.

17:07 – Hass on emerging PR markets.

18:51 – Hass on penetrating expanding into markets like China and India.

22:38 – Hass gives advice to PR job seekers on what he looks for in a new hires.

24:26 – End

Photo by Benjamin Child on Unsplash

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