How to Pitch the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board with Jon Healey


Los Angeles Times Deputy Editorial Page Editor Jon Healey advises public relations specialists on how to propose a meeting with the editorial board at the Los Angeles Times, how digital PR is adapting to opinion journalism and what the future holds for the house that Otis Chandler built.

Others from the Los Angeles Times who have appeared on this podcast include interactive GM Rob Barrett, columnist Joel Stein and entertainment reporter John Horn.

Show notes:

2:58 – Healey on the political leanings of the Los Angeles Times.

5:45 – Healey on the purpose and outcome of the Wikitorial experiment.

7:19 – Healey on media ownership caps.

8:53 – Healey on the present influence of the Los Angeles Times.

10:43 – Healey discusses the Los Angeles Times’ social media policy.

12:41 – Healey on the advantage newspapers have over nonprofessional sources.

13:41 – Healey discusses the blogosphere’s level of influence over the Los Angeles Times.

16:10 – Healey on how to request a meeting with the editorial board.

18:46 – Healey on the future of print journalism.

25:10 – Healey on the Los Angeles Times’ opinion of the election. (This interview was recorded before the Presidential Election)

26:53 – Healey on the Los Angeles Times publisher’s political views.

28:13 – End

Photo by Chris Eason

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