How to Pitch Entertainment News Veteran John Horn


Former LA Times entertainment reporter John Horn talks about how he decides what entertainment news stories to cover, what's happening in the talent agency business and much more.

John Horn used to cover entertainment for the Los Angeles Times, where he wrote about movies, agencies and Hollywood.

I worked with him on the Salt Lake Winter Olympics, where I handled media relations at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

He wrote a lengthy feature story about the Opening Ceremonies of the LA Times Calendar Section. It was an amazing feature.

But it didn't have nearly the reach of this, which is the best media placement of all time.

Today he covers creativity, the entertainment business, art, music and culture for The Frame, a radio how he hosts at KPCC public radio in Pasadena.

Covering Entertainment News in Hollywood

4:50 – Horn discusses the sustainability of the newspaper business.  

6:13 – Horn speaks about what he finds surprising in the talent agency business.  

7:57 – Horn on how agencies attempt to promote themselves and influence his news coverage.

10:35 – Horn on how talent agencies are able to distance themselves from any sort of meaningful digital transformation.

12:45 – Horn on how talent agents continue to make themselves valuable.

15:54 – Horn on whether talent agencies are good or bad for the creative process.

18:40 – Horn on what he does and doesn’t want to hear from PR people.

21:25 – Horn on his access to people in the industry.

23:09 – Horn on the paranoia of the entertainment industry.

25:03 – End

Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash

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