Basics of Pitching Company News with Veteran Journalist Spencer Ante


BusinessWeek computers department editor Spencer Ante goes On the Record…Online to discuss his new book Creative Capital: Georges Doriot and the Birth of Venture Capital on the birth of venture capital in the United States. 

Show notes:

4:54 – Ante details a typical day at the office.

6:17 – Ante on his new book recently published by Harvard Business Press in April, 2008.

7:42 – Ante on what is currently going on with venture capital and how the economy plays a part.

10:32 – Ante on the importance of PR and communications.

11:10 – Ante reveals why certain Web 2.0 companies reign more successful than others.

12:26 – Ante’s thoughts on FutureWorks PR practitioner and PR 2.0 blogger Brian Solis’ TechCrunch article entitled, “PR Secrets for Startups,” and Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur’s response on why you do not need PR to get the word out.

14:40 – Ante on his thoughts on data portability migration startups.

19:04 – Ante reveals what surprises him most on where technology is headed.

21:06 – Ante on what he discovered studying the history of technology.

23:15 – End

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