Social Media Marketing Masters Panel [Part 2]


This is part 2 in a 2 part series.

It’s a recording of a Social Media Marketing Masters Panel that I moderated at a course I taught at UCLA with:

  • Rob Barrett, GM,
  • Larry Gerbrandt, GM, Nielsen Analytics
  • Claude Brodessor, NPR’s “The Business”
  • blogger Kevin Roderick

Here’s part 1.

They discuss the challenges of moving print journalism online, the credibility of blogs and wiki platforms, the economics of digital media, and how public relations firms are adapting.

Social Media Marketing Insights

07:07 – Rob Barrett discusses educating Los Angeles Times reporters in Web-based media and the benefit of having online articles mentioned in blogs.

11:20 – Kevin Roderick explores the difference between print journalism and online journalism regarding the relationship between an article’s relative position and importance.

12:55 – Barrett reveals his opinion of whether or not the Web is good for the news media industry.

14:00 – Larry Gerbrandt compares the economic potential of print and Web media and the concept of engaging advertisement.

16:30 – Claude Brodessor describes what is “killing the movie business” and how computer-generated imagery (CGI) hasn’t lived up to the hype.

21:49 – Gerbrandt on how the widespread dissemination of info on the internet is affecting theatrical box-office sales.

22:50 – Barrett shares his experience with the Los Angeles Times experimental creation of a “Wikitorial” and the requirements of a thriving online community.

29:18 – Roderick contends that journalism is not entirely objective and offers his thoughts on whether the subjectivity of blogging is a strength or a weakness.

32:36 – Barrett discusses the cultural shift occurring at major news organizations as online journalism grows.

36:22 – Roderick explains the correlation between online readership and the quality of online content in blogs and other citizen journalism sources.

38:43 – Roderick, Barrett, and Brodessor offer their thoughts on the Drudge Report and how the ability to tailor individual experience affects the influence of a website on the news.

43:27 – Barrett and Roderick square off regarding the difficulty of linking blogs to ever-changing news Websites. Barrett reveals the new business model the Los Angeles Times plans to launch to generate more significant revenue from archived articles.

46:55 – Role of RSS link generators in accessing information behind firewalls.

48:25 – Barrett reveals how RSS feeds can be used to generate a profit. 

49:47 – Roderick discusses how he uses RSS feeds and draws a loyal audience to his blog.

51:42 – Brodessor and Roderick on the critical role that podcasts play at online radio stations like KCRW.

54:10 – End.

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