Social Media Marketing Masters Panel [Part 1]


This is part 1 in a 2 part series.

It’s a recording of a Social Media Marketing Masters Panel that I moderated at a course I taught at UCLA featuring:

  • Rob Barrett, GM,
  • Larry Gerbrandt, GM, Nielsen Analytics
  • Claude Brodessor, NPR’s “The Business”
  • blogger Kevin Roderick

They discuss digital media, main stream media, print media and social media.   Here’s part 2.


04:16 – Larry Gerbrandt, Claude Brodessor, Kevin Roderick and Rob Barrett reveal their thoughts on new media, such as websites, blogs, podcasts and social networking platforms, and how it is changing the way they communicate.

18:30 – Roderick, Brodessor and Gerbrandt share where they get their news and which new or mainstream media outlets they consider influential.

25:24 – Brodessor on what organizations are now doing to counteract Google and YouTube from taking what some consider to be free content.

28:50 – Gerbrandt explores whether or not main stream media views Google as a friend or foe.

31:47 – Roderick reveals what the future of the print publishing business is in a world where people hunger for news at internet speed.

33:11 – Barrett on whether or not Google News is in breach of copyright violation for content siphoning.

36:26 – Gerbrandt shares his thoughts on DVR and TiVo usage.

39:45 – Brodessor talks about the “lazy factor” of DVR users vs. Madison Avenue advertising.

42:38 – Roderick talks about Steve Jobs and Apple managing to escape criticism in an industry where others such as, Bill Gates, are viewed more objectively by the media and the industry.

45:43 – End.

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