Digital Marketing Training Courses at Media Bistro


Digital marketing training programs aren’t all Media Bistro offers.

Listen in as Media Bistro founder and cyber hostess Laurel Touby talks about the importance of social media lingo, how to build a profitable, sticky online community and what color to paint your nails in a down economy.

Media Bistro Digital Marketing Training Program

1:23 – Digital media marketing communication skills and training courses are important.  But effective online communications require appropriate infrastructure.  Online newsrooms give nontechnical personnel an easy way to manage content inside a custom internet pressroom.

3:09 – Laurel Touby discusses how she guided from start-up in 1994 through its acquisition by Jupitermedia Corporatation [NASDAQ: JUPM] in 2007 for $23 million.

3:36 – Marketing communication coaching, training courses and job listings, and how they helped make profitable.

4:37 – Why website marketing companies, PR firms, SEO consulting firms, and content marketing agencies send new hires to for digital marketing training, according to Laurel Touby.

5:05 – Laurel Touby on how MediaBistro incorporates word-of-mouth marketing into its website marketing strategy

5:50 — Laurel Touby on sticky websites, consumer trust, customer loyalty, staying close to the customer, maintaining an air of exclusivity, and providing services like training courses to digital media marketing experts.

6:34 – Training courses offered by, the communication skills they help members develop, and why the last recession 2001 created a favorable market environment for launching career training courses, writing training courses, and other professional training courses.

7:26 – Online training courses are also now available through, and Laurel Touby explains how using online training digital solutions fits into her broader business strategy.

8:55 – Laurel Touby advises professional organizations and trade associations on how to migrate their legacies online through networking opportunities effectively, digital marketing training programs, ways for people to develop the critical new media communication skills they need in the network age, offline events like the upcoming MediaBistro Circus in NYC and up to date job listings and news.

9:47 – According to Laurel Touby, new media communication skills, social media training courses, and press release search engine optimization are the types of skills people are most interested in developing now.

10:43 – Laurel Touby looks for digital skills and online fluency when considering new hires at, and why getting your new media lingo right is critical.

12:02 — Laurel Touby on the right color to paint your nails in a down economy.

13:01 – End

Photo by Marcos Luiz Photograph on Unsplash