New Karl Lagerfeld Couture Brand is Online Only

Karl Lagerfeld #LeWeb

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld (@Karl_Lagerfeld) will offer a new couture brand “Karl” direct to consumers via the web, and has put up a sign-up page with details here.

The new line will be available through Net-a-Porter as soon as Jan. 25th, it was annouced today at Le Web 2011 in Paris, says Lagerfeld, a self-professed “paper freak” and an early adopter of technology who sketches on the iPad, his 4 iPhones  and hundreds of iPods.

Despite his decision to announce his new brand at Le Web, Lagerfeld says he hates promotion. “It’s what people do with my name,” says Lagerfeld, who learns by doing and says in a world where we have access to information, it’s very easy to inform yourself.

Why promote, when you can do? If you do something interesting, people will find it and share it on their own.  I love that point of view. I think it’s the future of social media.

Why use social media just to market products, when you can use it for all public communications and leave behind shareable moments?  But Lagerfeld doesn’t have time to share on social networks himself. “Just because you’re over connected, does not mean you’re well connect,” says Lagerfeld.


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