Exclusive Interview with Business Insider Deputy Editor Jake Swearingen


Jake Swearingen, deputy editor at Business Insider has written for Consumer Reports, New York Magazine, The Atlantic, Wired, Slate and LA Weekly. 

In this exclusive interview we talk about Business Insider's meteoric rise to name brand status, media opportunities for coverage and the post-pandemic small business retail rebound.

Discussion Topics:

  • How New York Magazine determines if a story was successful
  • How many page views a successful Business Insider story gets
  • Number of stories Business Insider publishes per day
  • Smaller stories that Business Insider is interested in
  • What do PR agencies do when they pitch Business Insider successfully?
  • Does Business Insider run guest columns and how to get considered
  • How they decide what articles to make free versus premium
  • What lessons do you hope small businesses learned from the pandemic?
  • How should small businesses be using technology to thrive at a time when the landscape is increasingly dominated by big tech brands?

If you're a small business trying to get Business Insider's attention, or a public relations consultant looking for insights on how to pitch Business Insider, this exclusive interview with Jake Swearingen, which is being release on the Earned Media Podcast, is well worth a listen.

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