Google Keynote Feed Interrupted By Proprietary Content

(LAS VEGAS) Google co-founder Larry Page used a good part of his keynote to argue for the standardization of power adapters, audio and video and formats to support interoperability in the consumer electronics industry. Accordingly to Larry, who could have devoted the entire 60 minutes to shilling his stock, this will lead to greater development of technologies that no one can even imagine at this point in time.

He also took time to mention that only 15% of the world is currently online. He used as image to show the number of Google queries emanating from different countries, pointing out the lack of activity coming from Africa, which he called sad, and acknowledged as something we nee to change. He plugged Nick Negroponte’s philanthropic efforts to change that with a $100 laptop.

Then he announced their latest offering, Google Pack. According to Page, the software is not invasive upon installation, like so many other offerings that step on their predecessors when installed.

Finally, he says he’s going to announce something even bigger, and the screen we’re watching the keynote on in the press tent goes blank, and the following message appears on the screen:

Due to the proprietary nature of the content in this presentation we must temporarily suspend the video and audio portion of this broadcast.

Normal transmission will resume in a few moments. And there’s a consumer electronics association logo in the lower right hand corner of the screen. I”m assuming he’s announcing Google Video Marketplace, based on the most current press release they have on their site.

It would be interesting to know the discussion that proceeded this interruption. The message the suspension sends is:

1. Google doesn’t have good relationships with the studios, so they couldn’t get clearance.

2. Yahoo! flexed its muscles and got CES to shut off Google’s feed during this portion of the keynote, since are competing directly against Google with Yahoo! Go.

The feed just switched on, and I was right, they were launching Google Video. But the interruption lingers, sending the message that restricted access to content in situations like this is ornerious and unnecessary.

Page also demoed Google Video store, which makes it possible for content owners to sell their own original video content. And they’ve got the NBA and Charlie Rose signed up already.

And CBS too. Les Moonves is on stage blowing his horn right now.

At the end of the keynote, Robin Williams comes out to moderate, and the screen goes blank again, with the same annoying message.

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