Google Analytics Deep Dive with Justin Cutroni – Part 1


Google Analytics can give you real business insight into the effectiveness of your content creative, if you know what you’re looking for.  

Welcome to our podcast series on Google Analytics with Justin Cutroni (@JustinCutroni), Director of Education at Google.  

  • In part one of our two part series, Justin talks about his favorite reports for measuring business outcomes (All Traffic Sources).
  • AdWords Campaigns and (Funnel Visualization reports)
  • Digging deeper with Advanced Segmentation
  • Drawing strategic and tactical business insights from web analytics
  • Using page views per visit, session length and return visits to measure the effectiveness on content marketing campaigns that are designed to inform rather than convert
  • Frequency & Recency and Engagement reports under the “Behavior” tab

Justin prefers the term Digital Intelligence to web analytics, because he believes we need to focus on drawing actionable business intelligence from web data.

That’s the direction he says web analytics is moving. Justin has written two books on web analytics:

  • Google Analytics published by O’Rielly, June 2010. This book is for the advanced GA user. It dives into many advanced topics, like custom variables, that Performance Marketing does not cover. This book is all about GA.
  • Performance Marketing with Google Analytics, Wiley 2010. This book was written for those just getting started with web analytics and Google analytics. It’s for the beginner that needs to understand how to do a basic setup of GA and how to do basic analysis.

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