Google Analytics Deep Dive with Justin Cutroni – Part 2


Google Analytics can show your ROI of your online and offline marketing efforts, as long as you know how to use it.  

Welcome to the second half part of our two part series on Google Analytics with Justin Cutroni, Director, Education at Google

From paid search, to display advertising, to social media, to email, marketers are working in a variety of different channels.  

In this episode, we discuss how to use your web analytics to get actionable business intelligence beyond just the last page visited before the conversion.

  • We also discuss segmenting direct traffic by geographic region to correlate offline marketing with web traffic.
  • Analyzing conversions based on referring domains, filtering reports in real time using Advanced Segmentation to identify which segments are performing best.
  • Using the “Visits with Conversions” and “Visits with Transactions” default Advanced Segments to see the effectiveness of your web content.
  • Looking beyond last click attribution modeling with the Google Analytics v5 multi channel funnels, now in limited beta release, to see what combination of channels work best together and understand every touch point on the path to conversion
  • Campaign tracking or link tracking to identify traffic from individual tweets and Facebook status updates.
  • Justin’s appearance on “Beyond Web Analytics 44” podcast hosted by Adam Greco and Rudi Shumpert, the significance of the release of Google Analytics v5, custom dashboards and custom reports, event tracking on page interactions and advanced visualizations with word clouds.

That’s the direction he says web analytics is moving. Justin has written two books on web analytics:

  • Google Analytics published by O’Reilly, June 2010. This book is for the advanced GA user. It dives into many advanced topics, like custom variables, that Performance Marketing does not cover. This book is all about GA.
  • Performance Marketing with Google Analytics, Wiley 2010. This book was written for those just getting started with web analytics and Google analytics. It’s for the beginner that needs to understand how to do a basic setup of GA and how to do basic analysis.
  • And his firm Cardinal Path is certified by Google to teach a series of workshop in using Google Analytics called Seminars for Success.

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