Impact of FDA Social Media Guidance on Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing


What steps has the FDA taken to provide the pharmaceutical industry with guidance and regulations around how to use social media for marketing and what should be in their social media policies?  

We talk to John Mack (@pharmaguy), Editor & Publisher of the Pharma Marketing Network about the issues and challenges of regulating how pharmaceutical companies on social media.    

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing Topics  

  • What the FDA has done so far to try and deliver social media guidance to drug companies
  • The difference between social media “guidance” and actual regulations
  • Challenges for pharmaceutical companies associated with maintaining Facebook Pages
  • How drug companies are hedging their bets and marketing on social media in lieu of guidance
  • The British Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority's informal guidance
  • Mobile Medical Apps

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing References  

  1. FDA Approved Medical Mobile Apps
  2. Dose of Digital: Social Media Wiki

Photo by on Unsplash

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