Facebook Marketing Campaign Measurement Briefing


A commonly asked questions in my Social Media Marketing Seminars is how do you measure the ROI of a Facebook marketing campaign?  

With 500,000 million users and 11 percent of all time spent online, the potential of Facebook for public relations and public affairs professionals is huge. But given how basic the measurement options are at Facebook Insights, if you do hit it out of the park,  how do you prove the impact of a Facebook marketing campaigns on the bottom line?

In this episode, Jeff Jordan, product manager, social media and video measurement and Tim Waddell, director of product marketing for the Omniture business unit of Adobe talk about audience segmentation, sentiment analysis and having your Facebook page brandjacked.

Through a global partnership with Facebook, Omniture SiteCatalyst (acquired by Adobe) and Search Center Plus report the ROI of Facebook marketing campaigns by monitoring activity on Facebook Pages, inside Facebook Apps, from Facebook Ads and activity through Facebook Connect/Open-Graph, which extends Facebook functionality to destination websites.  


05:11 — Omniture Discover, an advanced segmentation tool, which can be used to discover which of your Facebook audience segments generate the most revenue.

08:37 — Omniture intends to launch an analytics component for monitoring sentiment by keyword.

10:38 — In previous episode of this podcast with Rob Key of Converseon, he said beware of any listening provider that claims 90% accuracy with computers.  A discussion of just how far off accurate sentiment analysis is, and using it as directional data and for spotting potential trends.

13:36 — Earlier this year, Nestle had their Facebook page brand jacked by Greenpeace. People where flocking to their Facebook page in droves, posting their disapproval of the company’s use of palm oil, which they believe is helping to push orangutans into extinction.  A discussion of how, if at all, Omniture might help a company protect its Facebook page from being brandjacked by grassroots activists.

16:11 —  In a previous podcast with US Navy public affairs officer Jim Hoeft, we learned that Operation Deepwater Horizon’s Facebook Page was literally overwhelmed with thousands of comments during the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf, which the page administrators had no practical way to export or analyze globally.  How do communicators mitigate the risks associated with launching a social networking presence that can be impossible to manage in the event of a crisis?

18:43 — Using analytics software to determine influence and analytics package rankings.

21:51 — End

Photo by Mikaela Shannon on Unsplash

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