Social Media Monitoring with Rob Key


Rob Key, CEO and founder of Converseon talks about becoming a listening organization, social CRM and mining actionable business intelligence with social media monitoring platforms at the PRSA International Conference in San Diego.                                            

01:09 — Listening to social media through conversation mining, and working with clients from a management consulting perspective to help them reorganize their operations to take advantage of actual customer feedback collected on the web.  

02:10 — Changing the marketing and public relations model to recognize how social media is causing organizations to integrate all areas of the company into the conversation.  

02:44 — The delineation between conversation mining and news media or social media monitoring or raw pipes versus versus intent modeling, sentiment and  geo-data.  

04:31 — The different types of listening solutions organizations use and how the very based on the specific needs of the customer.  

05:08 — Translating raw data into meaningful business intelligence through Converseon’s proprietary listening platform.  

06:20 — How to become a listening organization for sustainable business advantage.  

07:08 — The three components of listening: what yo what the was thoroughly legal service infusing the value of social across the entire enterprise for sustainable differentiation, securing the right technology listening platform.  

NOTE: According to Key, HP has says that listening integrated into customer service has saved them $10 million in call center costs, and P&G says that through social media and listening, over 50% of its innovation is coming from outside of the company.  

09:01 –Using work flow software with pre-configured rules to manage the distribution of information mind on social networks to the appropriate departments within the organization through social media analytics software.  

10:02 — The benefits of capturing outcomes from a legal perspective so that legal and regulatory compliance are satisfied.  

11:01 — The importance of securing a persistence listening platform to support ongoing conversation mining throughout the enterprise.  

12:17 –The organizational and business change components required to ensure discoveries and insights surfaced through listening are delivered to the appropriate departments to increase customer satisfaction and improve performance.  

13:01 — Work flow integration with CRM tools and social media training.  

14:14 — importing existing measurement from legacy systems to preserve prior findings through platform migration.  

15:00 — The real challenge of listening from a technology perspective, capturing conversations and cleansing content for relevance.  

15:51 — The seven layer hierarchical pyramid of data: Raw Data, Cleansed Data, Baseline Analytics, Black Box Analytics, Human Analysis, Internal Customer Data Integrated with External Data (social CRM), and Business Intelligence.                                                          

21:01 — Whether or not businesses can use social graphs to determine the importance of conversations and participants.  

22:02 — Why influence and sentiment need to happen at a customer and a vertical business level.  

24:24 — Determining the social impact of US Pres. Barack Obama this Cairo speech on global issues, Hezbollah’s defeat in Lebanon and the electoral protests in Iran.  

27:07 — How the Obama administration is evaluating and applying the merits of conversation mining to achieve its broad objectives.   27:36 — Implicit the importance of explicit, metaphor, neologism, images, dialects in conversation mining, and qualifying conversation participants by the choice of term they employ.    

30:17 — Key responds to a comment made by Mark Wiener in a previous episode, in which he said computers can’t tell the difference between I love Toyota and I love anything but Toyota.  

30:42 — Why we are still 10 years away from accurate artificial intelligence, why humans are an essential part of listening and why you should beware of any listening provider that claims 90% accuracy.  

33:55 — End 

Photo by Chris Yang on Unsplash

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