Profit From Inefficiency and Die Says Esther Dyson on Charlie Rose

On another fantastic episode of Charlie Rose (my favorite interview program by far), which included a round table with venture capitalist John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Buyers and Esther Dyson, in response to a question from Charlie about who the losers will be as a result of technological innovation came this peril of wisdom from Dyson…

Esther Dyson – “[The losers will be] the people who create inefficiencies and benefit from them. The middle men in the business”

Charlie Rose – “They've already lost.”

Dyson – “Well they're going to loose worse. All the gate keepers who were controlling access to things. Many distribution channels for content , which are dependent on putting content in inefficient containers, putting it somewhere where it sat on a shelves, only half of it was used. The other half had to be destroyed. So all these things that create inefficiencies and benefit from them are going to loose and we need to figure out how to educate the people who were in those industries so that they can do other jobs that create value.”

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