Risks and Rewards of Artificial Intelligence with Cade Metz

Photo by <a href="https://barbarabutkus.com/">Barbara Butkus</a>

New York Times technology correspondent Cade Metz talks about his new book Genius Makers: The Mavericks Who Brought AI to Google, Facebook, and the World, a nonfiction narrative about the tiny clan of artificial intelligence (AI) visionaries rapidly changing our world.

Cade is a technology correspondent covering artificial intelligence, driverless cars, robotics, virtual reality, and other emerging tech. Before that, he was a writer at Wired magazine.

He also defines AI, discusses its capabilities, the ethical challenges and dangers it poses, the risk of replacement, and how public relations and earned media is used to help lure research and development funding.

In this Earned Media Podcast episode:

02:52 What is surprising about Genius Makers?

03:47 Why Cade Metz wrote Genius Makers now.

04:52 What is artificial intelligence?

09:16 Neural network vs machine learning in AI.

10:12 What is artificial general intelligence (AGI)?

13:06 Why is the artificial general intelligence argument considered a religious argument?

15:25 Moore's law and AGI.

17:47 Is AI going to take knowledge workers’ jobs? 

21:30 Which jobs are safe from AI?

23:39 Public perception of AI: real or overblown?

26:07 Inside Google’s top secret defense contract, Project Maven.

27:45 What you need to know about killer robots.

29:54 How to regulate AI without killing innovation.

32:00 Does top-of-the-funnel data collection need to be regulated?

34:01 Companies positioned to reap the rewards of AI.

34:51 The US vs China AI arms race.

40:10 Can AI solve the fake news problem

43:36 Cade Metz reveals the news media outlets and voices that influence him and have earned his respect.

44:43 How machine-learned based social media engagement PR Impacts organizations developing AI.

48:22 Elon Musk and fears about AGI.

50:03 How Cade Metz wrote Genius Makers.