Building a Social Media Policy with Rich Teplitsky


Rich Teplitsky, Director of Public Relations for KGB Texas in San Antonio, discusses social media communications policies and governance inside organizations at the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) International Conference in San Diego.

Teplitsky is chair-elect of the PRSA Technology Section and has served in senior roles at Alcatel-Lucent and

01:14 — Social media policy extends an organization’s professional code of conduct.

03:46 — Establishing the rules of social media engagement, the rules of self-identification and the importance of transparency.

05:11 — The demographics and expectations of participation of today’s workforce and how that impacts corporate policy.

06:13 — How our expectations of privacy have changed as a result of social media and the responsibility of employees to limit their participation in activities that could result in digital images and other social media objects.

07:08 — The regulatory challenges of corporate communications in the Conversational Era and how it impacts public relations firms.

08:17 — Dealing with issues such as competitiveness and rudeness of social media interaction in a corporate social media policy.

10:17 — The importance of stakeholder relations, and ensuring that the right stakeholders have a seat at the table prior to the development of a social media policy.

11:27 — Constantin Basturea’s New PR Wiki as a resource for examining the social computing guidelines and blogging policies of a variety of organizations.

12:16 — The PRSA Technology Section’s Ning site as a resource for networking with other public relations professionals tasked with developing social media policies.

Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash

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