Behavioral Training: Growth Mindset for Innovation and Leadership

behavioral training

Behavioral training is emerging as the best way to teach someone how to develop the courage to step out from the pack and assume a leadership position, according to Carol Dweck, author of the New York Times Best Seller Growth Mindset.

Innovators introduce new ideas, practices and products.

Their ideas are unfamiliar to us, they change the way we see things and open us up to unconsidered and more effective ways of approaching challenges and solving problems.

Innovators pilot digital transformation projects.  Leaders determine the overarching mission and direction of the organization.

Both are willing to take risks and challenge the status quo for sake of what could and should be.

That’s tough to do. It requires guts.

Particularly at big organizations that have been doing things the same way for decades.

So innovation is really just another form of leadership, and behavioral training is one of the best to learn to rise to the challenge.

Savvy change managers use behavioral training teach others how to step out from the group and implement digital transformations.

Behavioral Training for Innovators

Dreaming about new ideas doesn’t make you an innovator or a leader.

You need the courage to act on your ideas, usually in the absence of complete certainty, because if you wait for someone else to prove you were right, you’re no longer a leader. You’re a follower.

So innovators, people who introduce new ideas, and leaders, people who act first on new ideas, are very much the same.

But how do you teach courage? You could do it intellectually in the classroom, but does that really change behavior?

The answer is through behavioral training and performance management techniques that show people challenges are a chance for growth, and effort matters more than talent.

Remember, “just because some people can do something with little or no training, it doesn’t mean others can’t do it (and sometimes do it even better) with training,” writes Carol Dweck in her book Growth Mindset.

B2B Digital Marketing Innovation

In the world of B2B digital marketing, the promise of improving lead generation and increased conversion rates drives sales.

If you’re leading a digital transformation initiative that involves marketing, you’re selling innovation to key stakeholders internally.

Change managers who do well in that role are great candidates for organizational leadership by virtue of their experience delivering unrealized potential, which is what leaders strive to do.

Experience advocating for and implementing innovation — whether it’s a digital marketing pilot, a B2B lead generation program or a higher level digital transformation initiative — readies you for all sorts of leadership roles, because changing workflows involves leading others down uncharted paths, despite the risks to harness unrealized potential.

Behavioral training is the best way to build these skills in the workforce.

Great leaders and innovators realize that while plans frequently change, the reasons for continual process improvement never do.

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