B2B Social Media Podcast – Episode 7

B2B Social Media Podcast

B2B social media items discussed:  Are social Q&A services worth your time, searching tweets by Linkedin profile data and how SXSW used social sync to make registration data useful.  

Our guest panelists are Jim Cahill (@JimCahill), Chief Blogger and Head of Social Media for the Process Group of Emerson (@EmersonProcess) and Vidya Shivkumar (@thelenticular) Director, Product Management @Janrain, a user management platform for the social web. We welcome your comments, criticism and feedback. Post a comment to our show page at iTunes.

In this Episode:

  • Facebook Questions relaunched in limited public beta Will this service be LinkedIn or Yahoo Answers? Is it a threat/alternative to LinkedIn, which as made Q&A a strong point?
  • Blog Post by Monique Neely (@inspiredmomma) on using Linkedin Signals for finding and analyzing tweets by industry, company and time frame.
  • The Future of the Web is Data by Ben Parr
  • B2B Social Media Lead Generation Explained
  • What’s new at Emerson? What’s new at Janrain?
  • B2B Social Media Keynote at the Digital Impact, May 5-6 in NYC
  • Upcoming B2B Social Media Boot Camp on May 16th in Chicago

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