The 4-Steps of Togetherness: Sales & Marketing Alignment Series – Part 2

sales and marketing alignment series with Jeff Davis - Part 2

In part 2 of this 3-part series, Jeff Davis, author of Create Togetherness acknowledges that sales alignment is an evolution.

In part 1, we discussed aligning sales and marketing by aligning KPIs.

Today, we discuss the four stages companies typically advance through on the road to alignment. 

  1. Hidden Marketing – There may be a sales leader, but the CEO/Founder is often the marketing leader. Efforts are often reactionary and there is a tiny small team. 
  2. Sales-driven marketing – The organization prioritizes and values sales, while marketing is seen as order takers, not strategic partners. The marketing team is often still small or made of up of mostly junior members. 
  3. Living apart, together – There isn’t marketing and sales alignment, but they acknowledge each other. You often have to be siloed here before moving on to #4.
  4. Proper sales alignment – Sales and marketing have shared resources and are communicating and learning from each other regularly.

In this episode of the B2B Lead Gen Podcast, we discuss how to develop the marketing maturity to move through the four stages of sales and marketing alignment and co-create a strategic vision for the organization.

In the final episode in this series, we talk about solution-based selling.

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