Using a Digital Marketing Agency to Promote a Podcast

Michael Butler of the Rock and Roll Geek Show, Eric Schwartzman of On the Record...Online and Dan Klass of the Bitterest Pill Podcast
Michael Butler of the Rock and Roll Geek Show, Eric Schwartzman of On the Record...Online and Dan Klass of the Bitterest Pill Podcast

This is a recording about the best way to market your podcast with podcasting pioneers Tim Bourquin, Michael Geoghegan, Jason Van Orden, Wing Yu, and yours truly discussing best practices for using a digital marketing agency to promote a podcast.

It was recorded at a special podcasting panel at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Insights on Podcast Marketing and Promotions

6:04 – Tim Bourquin introduces himself and panelists Jason Van Orden, author, podcaster, podcast consultant, and host of the website; Eric Schwartzman, podcast marketing specialist; Michael Geoghegan, CEO of GigaVox Media and creator of some of the first corporate podcasts and Wing Yu, CEO of FinancialContent.

10:26 – Orden reveals the elements needed to create a successful podcast, including selecting the most effective content and identifying what information to include in the feed.

12:47 – Schwartzman explains how to choose a format and a message that will lend to marketing a podcast that adds a new level of transparency to the marketing mix.

14:56 – Geoghegan talks about the launch of the Disneyland podcast and how to best format a podcast that will appeal to marketing and advertising executives. 

17:40 – Yu discusses best practices for podcasting and producing a podcast that resonates with listeners, produces sales leads, and stimulates word-of-mouth marketing.

19:55 – Geoghegan reveals the reasons behind the failed Starbucks podcast and the significance of creating a podcast that appeals to the listener rather than just the ad agency or a corporate boardroom. 

21:54 – Schwartzman on choosing the most compelling content for a podcast, the pressure on the mainstream media to reach out to audiences already targeted by many social media players, and using electronic media to release information about a brand, such as instructions for product use. 

25:55 – Geoghegan reveals how marketing coaches secure approval from C-level executives to create a podcast.

27:45 – Orden on how to promote a podcast, secure downloads, and give it its legs in the age of new media growth and competition.  30:37 – Orden talks about podcast measurement and the technological limitations of podcasting metrics.  

33:08 – Schwartzman weighs in on the opportunity podcasting creates to influence target audiences that Time Magazine and other mainstream media outlets cannot reach. 

35:29 – Geoghegan on the time commitment, costs, and efforts involved in regularly releasing a podcast.

38:52 – Yu explains how to integrate podcasts into the traditional marketing mix.  

40:43 – Schwartzman recommends leveraging podcasts for a different goal than other social and traditional media tools. 

42:55 – Orden talks about the significance of engaging listeners consistently.

44:16 – Schwartzman explains how to build a loyal audience for your podcast.

45:40 – Yu shares the benefits of advertising on podcasts.

46:58 – Geoghegan on video podcasts versus audio podcasts and the different attractions of both podcasts.

50:05 – Schwartzman talks about the importance of the marketing department’s involvement with the podcasting process and the serious investment of time it takes to market a podcast.

55:48 – Orden reveals how an advertiser should approach a podcaster and the importance of finding one that genuinely believes in your product. 

57:40 – Geoghegan on Grape Radio sells sponsorships to public relations agencies and the care and attention that podcasters give advertisers.

60:04 – Schwartzman offers advice on how to manage expectations for podcasting initiatives.

64:40 – End

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