Social Tips and Netiquette Rules with Philip Galanes


If you were denied a proper Cotillion or never had a chance to be presented at the debutante ball, it’s not too late for you.

You can still learn how to act and behave politely from Philip Galanes (@SocialQPhilip) who writes the Social Q’s column in the New York Times every Sunday in Style Section. 

Social Q’s offers lighthearted advice about awkward social situations and is sure to prepare you to present yourself appropriately in social circles.    

Philip's new book “Social Q's:  How to Survive the Quirks, Quandaries and Quagmires of Today,” which comes out November 1, 2011.   How Philip's book is different from Dale Carnegie’s “Win Friends and Influence People” and Emily Post’s “Ettiquette” which were both recently revised for the digital age.  

Are companies like Facebook and Netfilx being rude when they change their services?   Snooping on your friend’s Facebook feed without leaving likes or comments, showing your humanity, chiming into the newsfeeds of younger Facebook friends  

Appropriateness of married men friending married women without friending their husband first.  

Mattheis Lufkens‘s Twitter Diplomacy at Le Web last year showing that not all heads of state follow their own ministers. Is that rude?  

Geno Church who's daughter used Facebook and her cell phone to plan and actually run way from home.  When it comes to monitoring how your children use social media, is it rude to set up software to monitor your child’s online behavior without disclosing it to them?  

Using smart phones in social situations.   In the world of search marketing, the term “black hat” refers to a search marketer who uses unethical practices to try and game search algorithms to come up first. 

But what if those marketers come from other countries and cultures where unabashed capitalism is NOT necessarily frowned upon? Are they still unethical, or do we need to adjust our expectations of fairness?  

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