Social Media Marketing at Dell


Social media marketing at scale requires engagement at scale and few organizations do a better job social media training their workforce to engage en masse than Dell Computer.  

The PC-maker’s Social Media and Community University (SMaC) has already social media trained thousands of employees from virtually all segments of the enterprise.  

Whether you’re a social media manager or shipping and receiving clerk, Dell has a social media course that’s right for you.  

In this episode, former Director of Social Media & Community at Dell Liz Bullock (@lizbbullock) goes beyond social media marketing to discuss the practical aspects of driving enterprise wide adoption through social media.  

There may not be any organization with more experience implementing a custom social media training program for the whole company than Dell and this discussion drills down on the reasons behind the decisions that led to the social media training they currently have in place.    

Topics Addressed:

  • Business case for enterprise wide social media management training
  • Best practices for designing social media training program curricula.
  • Inside the Dell Governance Portal, which was used for password management of branded social networking accounts and communicating ongoing best practices.
  • How Dell designed a tiered social media training program with basic, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • The different training modalities Dell used to deliver their social media training program with classroom and self-paced courses.
  • How Dell deals with the challenges of keeping their social media training program up to date.
  • How Dell assesses and certifies social media training participants.
  • Why Dell launched a channel partner social media training program and the company’s recent decision to expand that initiative.

Liz Bullock currently serves as CEO and Co-founder of the Social Arts & Science Institute in Austin Texas.