Strategies for Successful Social Media Recruiting


In this exclusive podcast interview hosted by Eric Schwartzman, HR recruiters Steve Levy and Tom Bolt share invaluable insights into social media recruiting.

As businesses increasingly turn to digital channels to source and screen candidates, the discussion delves into various aspects of social media recruitment strategies, legal considerations, and emerging trends.

Legal Risks and Ethical Screening in Social Media Recruiting Strategies

One of the pivotal topics explored during the podcast is the legal landscape surrounding candidate identification and screening through social media. As the practice becomes more widespread, it’s crucial to navigate this terrain carefully. Levy and Bolt stress the importance of keeping candidate research within legal boundaries, respecting privacy rights, and avoiding discrimination.

Strategic Timing for Social Media Review in Social Media Recruiting Strategies

Determining when to review a candidate’s social media profiles is another critical aspect covered. While it’s acceptable to examine public profiles during the hiring process, the experts advise conducting such reviews after an initial interview to ensure fairness and avoid bias.

Legislative Trends in Social Media Governance in Social Media Recruiting Strategies

Levy and Bolt shed light on legislative trends in social media governance. They emphasize that staying informed about evolving laws and regulations is essential to maintaining ethical recruitment practices.

Sources of Hire Report in Social Media Recruiting Strategies

The podcast also touches upon the “Sources of Hire Report” by Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler, which provides valuable data and insights into where successful hires are coming from. Understanding these sources is crucial for tailoring effective recruiting strategies.

Effective Twitter Recruiting in Social Media Recruiting Strategies

Twitter, a platform known for its real-time engagement, is discussed in depth. The podcast outlines best practices for Twitter recruiting, including the use of job seeker tweet chats like Hire Friday Chat and Open Mic Career Chat.

The Power of SEO, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Blogs in Social Media Recruiting Strategies

Retaining the services of a skilled search engine optimization consultant for recruiting purposes, leveraging LinkedIn’s extensive network, utilizing Facebook for recruiting, and harnessing the potential of blogs are all explored as part of effective social media recruitment strategies. The guests emphasize that if blogs are used for recruiting, they should be authored by employees throughout the company.

Turning Employees into Talent Scouts in Social Media Recruiting Strategies

A compelling example shared during the podcast is Arie Ball’s approach at Sodexo, where every employee is encouraged to become a talent scout. This innovative idea underscores the idea that great talent can come from unexpected sources within an organization.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization and Resume Writing in Social Media Recruiting Strategies

The discussion also touches on the optimization of LinkedIn profiles for job seekers and best practices for resume writing. Crafting a standout LinkedIn profile and a compelling resume are crucial steps in the recruitment process.

Steve Levy and Tom Blot share valuable guidance to HR professionals and business leaders looking to enhance their social media recruiting strategies.

From legal considerations to leveraging different platforms effectively, these insights can help you attract and retain top talent in today’s competitive job market.

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