Social Media Education for Employees


So you’re using social media for business. And sometimes customers and prospects actually notice. 

But you can’t figure out how to scale engagement more consistently.  You need to get more people involved because on social networks, reach is a factor of engagement. 

You’ve thought about getting your coworkers involved.   But they don’t all know how to use social networks for business. And they’re not skilled in the art of public disclosure. 

They might make the mistake of saying something discriminatory or defamatory, or inadvertently leak proprietary information. And you could wind up a lot of hot water.  

Altimeter Group social media analyst Ed Terperning (@edterpening), Plein Air Artist and Anders Zoren loyalist can help.    

His new report Social Media Education for Employees, coauthored with Charlene Li (@charleneli), details how organizations design and implement social media training programs for employees that reduce social media risk and activate employee advocacy programs at scale.

In this exclusive audio interview, Ed discusses the four different types of social media education programs, managing risks through social media policy training, social media training formats and modalities, motivating employees to complete on-demand courseware, required resources for keeping social media training courses current, strategies for knowledge transfer assessment and more.  

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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