Past Attendees Discuss my Digital Marketing Seminars


In this episode, two former attendees of Digital Marketing Seminars — Laura Meade Kirk of Amica Insurance and Angela Nebel of Summit PR Strategies — discuss where they were before they took the workshop, what they learned and where they are now.

I've led hundreds of these workshops all over the world. 


01:34 — Laura Meade Kirk, a former Providence Journal reporter, discusses her transition from the newspaper business to the field of public relations at Amica Insurance.  

04:24 — How Amica Insurance is currently using social media for business communications, including the use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  

05:21 — What makes the Social Media Boot Camp different from other social media training courses, conferences and workshops.  

07:37 — Resources currently focused on social media communications at Amica and the biggest challenges she is currently experiencing with respect to leveraging social media at the company.  

11:04 — History of the Social Media Boot Camp, which was created five years ago for the Ministry of Information at the Government of Singapore, UCLA Extension and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).  It has also been presented privately for numerous organizations including Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, City National Bank, Environmental Defense Fund, United States Marine Corps, US Dept. of State, NORAD NorthCOMM, US Pacific Command and many, many others.  Read past attendees testimonials.  

12:26 — Angela Nebel, principal at Summit PR Strategies in Michigan discusses her professional background and what lead her to attend the Social Media Boot Camp.  

14:45 — The group dynamics of the Social Media Boot Camp and the benefits of networking with other attendees.  

15:47 — Challenges of using social media for clients, demonstrating value and how she's keeping up-to-date.   1

6:49 — Importance of establishing social media fluency and how that accelerates the learning curve.  

17:30 — Maintaining ongoing relationships after the boot camp and using one another as resources moving forward.

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