Governance and Use of Social Media in the USMC

The United States Marine Corps has long recognized the value and risk of enabling Marines to communicate from theaters of combat with loved ones.

Today, the Marines have two networks they use for communications. One is classified, and the other is non-classified.

Social media communications are limited to the non-classified network.

That said, Marines in boot camp are almost completely restricted from the use of social media during their training.

Major James Jarvis, USMC, sets the record straight on Social Media and United States Marine Corps.

Social Media at the Marine Corps Recruitment Depot on Parris Island

This video was produced in conjunction with an online video Workshop I led for the Marine Corps public affairs command to help them extend the reach of their Educator's Workshop via the web to potential recruits.

I shot this video at the Marines Corps Recruit Station, Parris Island in South Carolina.

In addition to this video, I produced a series of videos at Marine Week as well that you may find interesting if you are looking for case studies of the use of online video for public affairs and or military recruitment.

I was also among the advisors who contributed to the development of the Marines Social Media Policy.

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