Inside the Coca-Cola Social Media Ambassador Program


How is the Coca-Cola Company — which has always plied its trade through 60-second spots with heart-warming tales and catchy jingles — adapting to the age of social media?

How are they getting digital marketing value out of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube?

And how are they managing public relations at Coca Cola in the digital age?

They're doing with a brand ambassador program.

The beverage giant is sponsoring is a novel program called Expedition 206 which is sending three, hand-picked “happiness ambassadors” to all the 206 countries and territories where Coke is sold to seek out and share about what makes people happy around the world.

The happiness ambassadors Blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting, YouTubing and Flickring their every step, equipped with iPhones, Laptops, air cards, external hard drives and SLRs.

I caught up with two of the three happiness ambassadors Tony Martin and Kelly Ferris upon their arrival in Djibouti, Africa and we discussed what they’ve learned so far about gathering different media formats in different countries with different cultures, how they’re pulling it off logistically from a gear and gizmos standpoint and the foundation of authentic happiness.

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