Public Relations in Mexico with Marco Herrera of the Grupo Public


Public Relations in Mexico involves overcoming false stereotypes, the impact of the illegal drug trade on Mexican tourism, and pitching journalists in a corrupt climate.

Marco Herrera, president of the Grupo Public PR Firms in Mexico City, explains how public relations agencies operate in Mexico City.

Public Relations in Mexico

00:58 – Public relations agencies in Mexico City, the types of clients Mexican PR firms serve, the number of the PR firms competing for accounts and the number of Mexican citizens employed at public relations firms, according to the Mexican Public Relations Association.  

02:57 – Grupo Public’s client base includes Harley Davidson, MCI, Palm, the World Economic Forum, local organizations, and the firm’s portfolio of integrated marketing communications services.  

03:43 – How government relations between the US and Mexico affect his PR firm’s ability to promote an American brand like Harley Davidson within Mexico, and whether unpopular US foreign policy can negatively impact an American brand’s corporate reputation in Mexico.  

06:48 – Whether Mexican PR Firms see Mexican expats living in the US as online influencers, and try to relay their messages through them to promote brands to Mexican nationals.  

07:35 – Efforts of multinationals on marketing and product launches to Latinos living in the US, the evolving culture of public relations agencies focused on serving the Latin American market.  

08:32 – False stereotypes in the US news media about Mexican immigrants and Mexican citizens.  

10:09 – How false stereotypes impact Grupo Public’s ability to provide public relations services to US companies, lack of international cultural awareness among US citizens, and the perception that Mexico is no more developed than Africa.  

12:34 – News media reports of excessive violence by the illegal drug trafficking trade on Mexican tourism and why the rule “if it bleeds, it leads” has taken a heftier toll on PR agency revenues than warranted, according to Herrera.  

13:45 – Pushing the Mexican Government to use public relations to be more transparent as a way of counterbalancing all the illegal drug trade news with positive news, so people hear not just bad news about what’s happening in Mexico but the good news.  

14:48 – Practicing media relations in Mexico, pay for play, and whether or not corruption in the news media is a factor in scoring press coverage.  

18:27 – The Mexican Government’s President of Deputy Chambers recently decided to cease newspaper subsidies.  

19:02 – Best places to travel to in Mexico City, the hot new neighborhood to stay in, and the best Argentinean BBQs.

2:07 — End   

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