Hiring the Right PR Agency with Jon Greer


Client’s Guide to Hiring a PR Firm with Jon Greer of Catching Flack, interviewed at the PRSA International Convention in Detroit.

Jon Greer is a senior communications strategist with more than 20 years in media and communications, including over 20 years in public relations, who has been an independent consultant.

Before that, he served as a vice president of Edelman Public Relations Worldwide.

He began his career as a business news reporter and columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News.

Show Notes:

3:31 – Jon Greer discusses the level of trust people have for PR firms, and how that impacts the PR Agency hiring process.

4:59 – Jon Greer reveals the most important questions to ask a PR firm when they’re pitching you their services.

5:41 – Jon Greer on the most important thing to look for in any PR firm you’re considering hiring.

6:22 – Jon Greer on what clients want most from PR Agencies.

7:05 – Jon Greer on how to deduce the health and well being of any public relations agency by asking a few, simple questions.

8:09 – Jon Greer on how to secure senior level counsel.

8:59 – Jon Greer on what to look for in a PR Agency retainer agreement, and the types of changes to negotiate to strike the best deal.

10:08 – Jon Greer on what client’s need to do to get the highest level of service from a PR Agency and how to become the client that PR practitioners want to spend their time on.

11:39 – Jon Greer tells future PR Agency clients what they should and shouldn’t expect from a PR Agency.

13:24 – Jon Greer talks about pricing PR services and how to make sure you are charged a fair price by a public relations agency.

14:57 – Jon Greer walks us through price ranges for retaining boutique PR firms, mid-size PR firms and large PR firms.

17:24 – Jon Greer on the number of press releases a client should expect to receive for varying monthly retainer levels.

19:09 – The economic challenges of media monitoring, what makes it relatively expensive and how to manage those costs.

21:04 – End

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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