Podcasting from Trade Shows and Conferences

podcasting at conferences

I recently produced podcast interviews with keynote speakers, moderators and seminar panelists at the AD TECH conference in San Francisco.

As the traditional business of media shifts from a model where broadcasters “push” content on their own schedules to a model where consumers “pull” the content they want to a variety of devices, we hope marketers will follow suit.

Push and pull later became known as outbound and inbound digital marketing. But I was doing it 15 years ago.

In my view, inbound digital marketing starts with owned media, which is the future of public relations.

Check out my Startups Guide to PR for an introduction to organic growth marketing using my owned, shared, and earned media framework, which provides a logical sequence for activating digital marketing initiatives.

I was retained by eCast to create valuable, original content marketing to appeal to their key audiences through organic search and social media instead of relying solely on conventional transmission-based “push” initiatives, like press release distribution and, increasingly, email marketing.

I secured an impressive line-up of guests confirmed, including:

Guests Expected

Mon., Apr. 25
• John Costello, EVP, Home Depot
• Bambi Francisco, reporter, CBS Marketwatch
• Taddy Hall, chief strategy officer, Advertising Reach Foundation
• Mike Shields, senior reporter, MediaWeek
• Carolyn Tang, Orbitz.com
• Peter Figueredo, CEO, NetExponent
• Michael Tchong, CEO, Trendscape

Tues., Apr. 26
• Dr. Jeffrey I. Cole, director, Center for the Digital Future, Annenberg, USC
• Rebecca Lieb, executive editor, ClickZ Network
• Dr. Roger D. Blackwell, professor of marketing, Ohio State University
• Kris Oser, reporter, Advertising Age
• Mitch Oscar, executive vice president, Carat Digital
• Jeff Lanctot, vice president, Avenue A / Razorfish

The podcast production was covered in Adweek and distributed via iTunes, resulting in thousands of qualified eCast ad sales team leads, making this a content marketing agency pioneer case study.


Podcasting is a great owned media channel for whispering in the ears of an army of potential brand ambassadors. Contact me if you need help getting a podcast up and running.

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