How To Pivot to Digital Marketing [PODCAST]


Demand for effective digital marketing consultants has never been higher. 

But despite all that demand, the supply of worthy and well-qualified digital marketing generalists, with the ability to coordinate owned, shared, earned and paid media remains scarce. 

It’s a good time to be working at a website marketing company. Because the demand exceeds the supply.

But what should marketers be focused on to deliver results? How do you allocate finite resources for maximum gain? 

That’s what today’s podcast is about. I’m going to walk you step-by-step through my framework for pivoting to digital marketing. And when you’re through with this podcast, you’ll understand how to sequence a digital pivot for maximum impact.

Digital marketing is not social media. And digital marketing is not pay per click advertising. Those are just tactics. Digital marketing is about integrating all those tactics into a practical strategy that delivers measurable results. 

Those new to digital marketing can fall prey to an online influencer promoting a course or a subscription service. Or they rush out onto social media prematurely. 

The truth is, before you’re ready to pivot to digital marketing, you need a big picture understanding of what it takes to build and operate a digital business.

That’s what we’re covering today in this podcast. That’s right. Everything you need to know to orchestrate a digital pivot. In one podcast.

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