Twitter Marketing Training from PR Firm Leader Sarah Evans


Twitter marketing training episode with public relations firm leader specialist Sarah Evans, who has more than 100,000 followers.

In this interview, Sarah talks about a tweet chat she organized that took off, the Twitter apps she likes best for moderating her weekly chat on Twitter, the best online reputation management practices for tweeting on behalf of brands, and how early adopter brands can use Twitter for corporate reputation management, crisis communications, social media optimization and lift search engine rankings.

Twitter Marketing Insights

2:49 – Sarah Evans on Twitter apps Tweetchat and Tweetgrid, two online social networking services designed for participating in group discussions on Twitter; which one she likes better and why?

3:42 – Sarah Evans on using Twitter apps for group messaging to block spammers from Twitter chats.

4:15 – Sarah Evans reveals her biggest surprises about moderating her weekly Tweet chat.

5:34 – Sarah Evans on the community size she’s built from moderating #journchat weekly.

6:43 – Sarah Evans on how and why #journchat snowballed on the Twitter instant messaging platform.

8:02 – Sarah Evans’ top three tips for leveraging social media to launch a successful, recurring online social media PR event.

9:15 – Sarah Evans on the support she received through the Twitter social networking platform when she first introduced #journchat and how it validated her social networking event.

10:21 – Sarah Evans on social media strategy considerations for organizational communicators, branded Twitter accounts, and personal Twitter accounts.

12:37 – Sarah Evans on best online reputation management practices for disclosing who the organizational communicator(s) behind a branded Twitter account is.

13:48 – Sarah Evans on the risks associated with letting employees build their personal brand at the expense of a corporate brand. Eric mentions a previous episode in which Toyota revealed their social media strategy for putting their brand first on Twitter while still acknowledging each employee’s contribution.

15:40 – Sarah Evans on pitching news stories to journalists and other media relations techniques via Twitter.

16:52 – Sarah Evans on her role as a guest writer at Mashable, the social media marketing tactics, social media SEO and social media marketing blog.

17:05 – Sarah Evans discusses Media On Twitter, a free, user-generated contact record database of journalists on Twitter that provides Twitter IDs for reporters and bloggers.

18:42 – Sarah Evans on social media PR strategy and social media engagement.

19:45 – Sarah Evans names the companies she thinks are doing a good job leveraging social media for communications.

21:15 – Sarah Evans on where we’re headed and future growth prospects for social media and online social networking.

22:57 – Sarah Evans gives out her Twitter ID and shares the best way to reach her.

24:04 — End

Photo by Geoff Livingston.

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