Social Media Management at the World Economic Forum with Matthias Lufkens


Senior Media Management at the World Economic Forum with Matthias Lufkens goes deep into why key nations slip in the rankings, the impact of marketing information technology on the Davos gathering and the use of the social media monitoring to gage trending news and information.  


05:31 – Lufkens discusses the World Economic Forum annual Global Information Technology Report and the turmoil in the top 10 rankings.

07:35 – Lufkens on the Global Information Technology Report in relation to the world economy and his analysis of what the change in rankings implies.

10:01 – The methodology behind the Global Information Technology Report.

11:24 – Surprises of this 2006-2007 Global Information Technology Report.

11:54 – What really happened at the Davos World Economic Forum this year.

13:21 – Controversy surrounding former CNN chief news executive Eason Jordan's sacking, which was the result of a blogger's commentary filed during a private session that was supposedly off the record.

16:19 – Lufkens on relations practices and credentials policies at the World Economic Forum.

17:28 – Why private is public: Lufkens explains the Chatham House Rules and the role they play in facilitating naked conversations.

18:52 – Lufkens reveals the consequences for breaking Chatham House Rules, or reporting on off the record sessions.

19:34 – Applying media relations practices to main stream media, new media and social media alike.

20:28 – Lufkens discloses which countries are rapidly expanding their Information Technology infrastructures and stresses the importance of engaging those countries that lag behind.

22:07 – Lufkens on how he used marketing information technology to extend the reach of the conference.

23:50 – Lufkens on the strategy behind the Davos Conversation website, which extended the reach of the World Economic Forum.

26:52 – Lufkens on the Davos Conversation website as a gateway to the World Economic Forum's online presence.

28:39 – Lufkens describes the arsenal of social media and marketing information technology that the World Economic Forum employed and the value of social media press releases.

33:41 – End.

Photo by Robert Scoble

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