What it Takes to Manage Microsoft’s Reputation


Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of Waggener Edstrom Worldwide Marianne Allison on the ins and outs of managing the Microsoft account.  

Marianne Allison is the Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer for Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, an agency that provides public relation services using innovative communication methods for global organizations impacted by change.

Marianne Allison and Eric Schwartzman

As CIO, Marianne is responsible for the agency’s intellectual property strategy, as well as promoting ideas and innovation internally through cultural and educational initiatives.

She was integral to the development and design of Waggener Edstrom Worldwide flagship Innovation CommunicationSM system, which helped ground the agency’s reputation for deep and substantive work in public relations.

Show Notes:

3:20 – Allison describes her role at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide. 4:10 – Allison on how she became the Chief Innovation Officer.

5:23 – Allison explains how she advise clients on promoting early adoption of new, innovative products and services.

6:59 – Allison reveals the challenge of introducing a new technologies to consumers.

8:44 – Allison on what can be done to accelerate the adoption of new technologies.

10:02 – Allison elaborates on steps to alleviating consumer anxiety toward new technologies and consumer electronics.

10:57 – Allison gives examples of how consumer dissent can positively impact product innovation.

13:53 – Allison on the importance of trust when introducing new technology products and services.

16:44 – Allison talks about whether philanthropic endeavors can actually work to build consumer confidence in new technology.

18:54 – Allison on the launch of Microsoft Vista and the future of the software giants.

22:05 – End

Photo by Robert Scoble 

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