Intro to Public Relations Agency Management with Tony Sapienza

Tony Sapienza (left) with Mike Spataro.
Tony Sapienza (left) with Mike Spataro.

Tony Sapienza is Head of Communications at ZF Group. But when I recorded this interview with him, he was co-founder and principal of Topaz Partners.

We spoke about the use of social media management tools for PR, the role of the press release in reaching consumers, and fusing of mainstream and social media relations.

Tony served as president of Miller/Shandwick Technologies, one of the world's leading PR firms, and was global practice leader for Weber Shandwick Worldwide so he has a lot of experience managing big agencies.

He's represent many emerging companies and served as a PR guide to tech start-ups, as well as established industry leaders such as Compaq Computer Corp., Sharp Electronics, and Hewlett-Packard. 

Sapienza has provided communications and management counsel and hands-on support in a broad range of areas, including communications strategy development, messaging and positioning, message training, business and trade media relations, investor relations, industry analyst relations and interactive communications.


5:37 – Sapienza on fusing mainstream and social media relations.

6:49 – Sapienza talks about offering social media management tools.

9:45 – Sapienza on whether disseminating a press release over the internet is sufficient to legally fulfill Regulation Fair Disclosure.

11:20 – Sapienza on whether the blog as a media channel has evolved or is in a state of transition: “…we're seeing traditional technology and traditional…approaches begin to evolve particularly in public relations itself…”

12:38 – Sapienza talks about how the news wires will adapt to the growth of new media technology.

13:54 – Sapienza on the role the press release plays in reaching consumers.

15:45 – Sapienza talks about drafting press releases and the ways press releases have changed over the past several years. 

17:13 – Sapienza on the shift from a push media world where media is distributed to a pull media world where consumers subscribe to media.

18:31 – Sapienza talks about whether he recommends blogging to all of his clients.

19:55 – Sapienza on whether the client or the PR practitioner should blog.

20:34 – Sapienza reveals what distinguishes Topaz Partners from its competitors.

21:50 – Sapienza talks about how clients can protect their reputations among the blogosphere.

22:45 – Sapienza on whether companies are ready to embrace blogging and other new media tools. 

23:31 – Sapienza talks about whether the PR industry needs to employ online communications.

24:49 – Sapienza on how to encourage organizations to utilize online PR and marketing campaigns.

27:14 – End.

Photo by Todd Van Hoosear

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