Social Media Ethics with Stowe Boyd


Stowe Boyd reveals his thoughts on how antiquated notions of PR are hurting companies in the online atmosphere, the new ethics of social media and the death of the press release.


04:40 – Boyd sounds off on the new ethics of the blogoshere and how he ruffled feathers of blogging giant Shel Holtz.

07:10 – Will PR professionals relinquish control and join the conversation?

09:22 – Boyd on the nature of consensual blogs.

15:27 – Boyd opines on the most effective use of social media and it’s relation to the broadcast model.

16:47 – Boyd slams the social media press release as an antiquated notion, a holdover from the days of the telegraph and offers ways in which to enter the 21st century.

19:58 – Schwartzman and Boyd debate the validity of the press release as a means to distribute information. Boyd ridicules companies who ignore technological trends.

25:56 – Thinking outside the box:  new tactics for a new era of media.

28:30 – What are the key ways in which companies can abide by the ethics of new media?

30:26 – Boyd discusses the nature of authority vs. integrity in both traditional media and in the blogosphere.

33:33 – Facing a moral dilemma:  how PR professionals should behave in the blogosphere when their livelihood depends on the promotion of a person or product.

36:40 – Boyd on why he is legitimate and relevant.

37:07 – Plugging the Boyd's upcoming keynote speech at the 2007 PR Online Convergence Confererence titled “Bloggers and PR: Why Can’t We Just Get Along.”

38:31 – End.

Photo by Brian Solis

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