Podcast Marketing Deep Dive with Gregory Galant


Muck Rack CEO Gregory Galant discusses podcast measurement, valuing an audience, and building a business case for podcasting.

When this was recorded, Gregory Galant was CEO of RadioTail, a firm facilitating podcast marketing. He fell in love with podcasting when he started Venture Voice, a podcast that profiles entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Greg has worked at Newlight Associates, a $120M technology venture capital firm, sourcing investments and managing deal flow. Greg was an associate producer at CNN.com where he analyzed the latest trends in citizens' media.


6:40 – Gregory Galant discusses RadioTail, what inspired its creation and its podcast metric system.

10:45 – Galant on how to use RadioTail to measure podcasts, including the company's free solution for podcasters.

13:02 – Galant talks about how to make a business case for podcasting, “At the end of the day…you have to tell the story of just all the people out there who are excited about podcasts, who are using it throughout their day…”

16:00 – Galant on how advertisers should value a podcast audience, “You have to kind of take that combination of the very specific audience you're reaching, and what that audience is worth, and also how you're reaching them…”

19:34 – Galant on the notion of whether there needs to be standardized metrics for podcasts.

20:01 – Galant on what he thinks will be the standard metric for podcasts.

21:07 – Galant talks about determining the audience of a podcast.

21:53 – Galant on the surprises he's encountered since RadioTail was founded, “I knew iTunes was going to be influential, I didn't know it was going to be this influential – that currently it is really dominating.”

23:30 – Galant on whether the mainstream media has an advantage over independent podcasters when they market a podcast.

24:55 – Galant on why he chose the name “RadioTail.”

30:06 – Galant talks about how regular independents using new media can compete against renowned media figures.

32:50 – Galant on how a brand marketer considering podcasting should decide whether to sponsor an already existing podcast or create his/her own podcast.

35:22 – Galant talks about using the CPM model to value an audience.

36:27 – Galant on whether a podcast is more valuable than other types of media.

38:23 – End.

Photo by Ted Rheingold