Pitching Stories to PR Tactics & Strategist Editor-in-Chief John Elsasser


Editor-in-Chief of PR Tactics & Strategist John Elsasser explains the mission of PRSA’s publications, what he covers and how technology has changes his process and focus.

John Elsasser is the Editor-in-Chief for PRSA's award-winning monthly newspaper, PR Tactics.  The publication provides PR professionals with practical how-to information that will help improve their job performance and advance their careers.

The Strategist, PRSA’s quarterly print publication, examines changing concepts and occasionally challenges current wisdom about the practice of public relations.

Show Notes:

3:42 – Elsasser on his tenure as editor-in-chief of PR Tactics and The Strategist.

4:15 – Elsasser on how he got into journalism.

4:56 – Elsasser on how he wound up at PRSA.

6:05 – Elsasser on the negative connotations and usage of the term “public relations” int he mainstream news media.

7:52 – Elsasser on the challenge of overcoming preconceived notions.

8:58 – Elsasser on effective PR strategies.

11:06 – Elsasser on the rise of new media.

13:00 – Elsasser on the impact of transparent and authentic new media communications.

14:52 – Elsasser on the evolution of social media.

15:43 – Elsasser reveals a surprising fact about today’s PR industry.

16:45 – How to pitch Elsasser story ideas

17:19 – End

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