How to Book Guests on NPR’s “All Things Considered” with Carol Klinger


Associate editor for NPR’s All Things Considered, Carol Klinger shares how she chooses guests for the show.

Carol Klinger is the associate editor and a booker for NPR’s “All Things Considered”; the first worldwide news broadcast on NPR that combines news, analysis, commentary, interviews and special features. She has been booking the show for close to fifteen years.

Show Notes:

3:14 – Klinger describes a typical day of booking

4:00 – Klinger on how she receives pitches

6:00 – Klinger on the pitches she is tired of getting

7:05 – Klinger on what makes a winning pitch

8:30 – Klinger on blind pitches

10:30 – Klinger on the growth of feature generated podcast stories on NPR

11:40 – Klinger on web coverage

12:00 – Klinger on how blogs have affected her job

13:07 – Klinger on future hot news trends of interest to NPR

14:58 – Klinger on the politics of news

16:40 – Klinger gives pre-interview tips

17:50 – End

Photo by like a lollipop

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