Podcast Measurement with Pete Blackshaw at Nielsen


Pete Blackshaw is Chief Executive Officer, Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund & Startup Incubator. I recorded this interview with him when he was at Nielsen BuzzMetrics, a startup with amazing PR that Nielsen bought.

Pete and I talked about podcast measurement, podcast advertising and how to build a business case for podcast marketing.

When Pete Blackshaw was CMO of Nielsen BuzzMetrics, he helped companies promote and protect their brands through the measurement, analysis, and interpretation of CGM, online word of mouth and social media monitoring

He coined the term “consumer-generated media” (CGM) and co-founded Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA).

He has authored column on digital marketing strategy targeted to CMOs and is quoted in major publications


4:30 – Pete Blackshaw talks about the change in business professionals' perceptions on measuring consumer generated media.

6:05 – Blackshaw discusses the Nielsen Analytics report, The Economics of Podcasting.

7:42 – Blackshaw on consumer reaction to podcast advertising and best practices for creating ads for podcasts.

9:26 – Blackshaw talks about how to measure podcasts, including measuring depth of engagement. 

11:37 – Blackshaw explains the engagement metric and applying it to podcasts, “I think podcasting is, by its very nature, takes the notion of engaging to an extra level…and that level of engagement carries over into wins for brands.”

14:20 – Blackshaw on how to come up with a quantitative value that supports a business case for podcasting. 

16:16 – Blackshaw discusses the different types of podcast measurement available, including growth pattern, depth of engagement, talk value and what the most important metrics are.

19:12 – Blackshaw on what surprises him most about podcasting, “I'm…shocked that there aren't more brands that are just uploading podcasts that explain to people how to use products.”

21:31 – Blackshaw on what he has learned about conventional measurement from new media measurement, “I think metrics are going to get a lot more interesting…as we move more events and activities online we have much more flexibility to adapt, evolve, [and] contour our programs against those real-time needs…”

23:35 – Blackshaw talks about the future importance of the CPM measurement.

24:58 – Blackshaw on the term “consumer-generated media.”

27:48 – Blackshaw discusses how traditional media measurement professionals regard him and new media measurement models.

30:07 – End.

Photo by Josh Hallett

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