Sports PR with NFL Detroit Lions Spokesman Tim Pendell


Detroit Lions Spokesman Tim Pendell talks about Sports PR and sports marketing Now in his eighteenth year in sports PR, Pendell talks about being the hardest working man in sports PR and marketing.

Show Notes:  

4:31 – Pendell talks about working PR for the Detroit Lions.  

6:10 – Pendell on sustaining interest in this challenged NFL Football team during a tough season.

9:26 – Pendell reveals how changes in the media business have affected his position in sports PR.

10:10 – Pendell on how he’s using social media to publicize the Detroit Lions.

11:45 – Pendell describes how fantasy football has affected the business of sports PR.

13:27 – Pendell on how he publicizes the Detroit Lions to people outside of the football fan base.

16:21 – Pendell explains why NFL football isn’t an international phenomenon.

19:28 – Pendell speaks about handling media relations during the dismissal of Detroit Lions General Manager Matt Millen.

21:38 – End

Photo by HENCE THE BOOM on Unsplash

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