Covering the Media Business with New York Times Columnist David Carr


David Carr talks about the rise of blogging, online influencers, and reinventing the newspaper industry. He has been writing about the news media as it intersects with business, culture, and government, for the past 25 years.

His column, “The Media Equation,” which appears in the Monday Business section of the New York Times, is a must-read for public relations pros, highlighting the latest print, digital, film, radio, and television news.

Mr. Carr is also noted for his seasonal video blog, “The Carpetbagger,” which runs November through March, giving readers a “behind-the-scenes” look at the road to the Academy Awards.


04:58 – Carr describes how his job has changed in the network age.

06:58 – Carr explains a recent quote from his column, “When it comes to meta-analysis on breaking issues, the web seems better suited to Paris Hilton than patient safety.”

08:28 – Carr on applying journalistic standards to blogging.

11:28 – Carr shares his opinion on the role bloggers play in the food chain of the news media and the blogs he sees as most influential.

11:59 – Carr reveals how blogs have the most impact and which blogs can move a story forward and get people talking.

13:35 – Importance of scoops (aka exclusives) in the online age.

15:40 – The news business and how audiences continue to change.

17:19 – How newspapers battle to keep their shareholders happy, their departments staffed, and the community well-served.

19:10 – Carr on Rupert Murdoch’s purchase of the Wall Street Journal.

21:40 – End.

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