Pitching Mobile Tech News with Chris Null


This is one of the first podcasts I ever did.

It was recorded in San Francisco and Bulldog Reporter’s Media Relations Conference and features Mobile Magazine editor Christopher Null. He gives entertainment, technology, and media public relations firms representing wi-fi and mobile entertainment accounts great media relations tips on pitching stories.

What type of stories he looks for:

  • Why they're more receptive to pitches about MP3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, or any other type of gadget or technology that lets people become more mobile than they are to notebook computer pitches?
  • Null says the magazine regularly covers wireless, wi-max, and G3 cell phone technology
  • The extraordinary growth of desktop and laptop wireless access
  • Why they rely on evergreen feature stories, how blogs impact his perception of news
  • How technology is disrupting news cycles
  • The best way to contact him with story pitches
  • The importance of product reviews to his publication
  • Why product specs and high-res images should be available on a company's Web site
  • Why podcasting is here to stay

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