Academy Awards PR Campaigns with Deadline Hollywood Columnist Nikki Finke


This is an exclusive interview with Deadline Hollywood founder Nikki Finke about how PR firms orchestrate their Academy Awards PR campaigns, Harvey Weinstein's Oscar campaigning strategy, and how she manages to write her brash, in-your-face style of journalism without losing access to inside sources. 

She used to be known as the “most feared, despised, and uncompromising journalist in Hollywood.” But Ronan Farrell has her beat on the first and third qualifications.

Journalist Nikki Finke was the “Deadline Hollywood” columnist for LA Weekly, writing about the infotainment industry's business, politics, and culture. 

Los Angeles Magazine has praised her LA Weekly column as “essential reading for those who follow the Industry…” Dow Jones' MarketWatch headlined a recent profile on her.

In March 2006, she launched Deadline Hollywood, which she writes, edits, and owns.

Her journalism career includes years as an AP foreign correspondent in Moscow and London, a Newsweek correspondent in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, and a Los Angeles Times staff writer covering entertainment and features.

Academy Award PR Campaign Insights

03:11 – Nikki Finke talks about the essence of an Oscar campaign, how they are typically mounted, how Harvey Weinstein broke the mold of a traditional Oscar campaign, and the impact the Weinstein's have had on the Oscars.

05:34 – Finke reveals why Hollywood is jealous of David Geffen and Clint Eastwood, why the Oscars are not an actual contest for the best director, best picture, or best motion picture, and why she feels last year's Academy Awards proved the Academy is homophobic.  

08:26 – Finke explains why outlets such as US Weekly and Entertainment Tonight can devastate an actor's or actress's career, why she initially believed Ryan Gosling didn't deserve his Academy Award nomination, and how he got nominated.

12:18 – Finke on the role of the coterie of “geriatric publicists” in word-of-mouth marketing campaigns for the Academy Awards.

13:48 – Finke talks about why Endeavor is more extraordinary and successful than the Creative Artists Agency.

16:22 – Finke gives her opinion on whether or not the internet and social media is causing a shift in power in the entertainment industry.

17:53 – Finke explains why her honest style of journalism gets her more access to sources than other reporters and why she views herself as the friend of the shareholders.

20:51 – End.

Photo by achangeinscenery