Wearable Tech with HP VP Howard Taub


This is a conversation with Howard Taub of HP Labs about place-based media, wearable cameras and the rude awakening we all may be in for if we don’t archive their data storage appropriately.

Howard Taub is the Vice President and Associate Director of HP Labs and a renowned expert in digital imaging. He is also a thought leader who ovesees much of the next generation research and development at HP Labs that many believe is re-envisioning the future of the digital image.

Taub takes us inside HP’s Mediscape GPS system, Casual Capture wearable cameras and the challenges consumers, the media business and Hollywood film studios face with regard to image and film preservation.


04:26 – Howard Taub talks about the difference between Mediascape and current new media broadcasting utilities, such as podcasting.

05:16 – Taub describes how place based media uses GPS technology to broadcast specific information based on geographic coordinates.

07:19 – Taub discusses the possibilities at which Mediascape is a commercial applicant, such as gaming and prior uses.

08:48 – Taub talks about Casual Capture, HP’s wearable camera technology.

10:34 – Taub reveals the inner workings of the HP digital media platform, and its strategic value to HP.

12:07 – Taub discusses the challenges of film preservation and digital preservation and storage.

13:58 – Taub explains how to preserve digital images for generations to come.

15:47 – Taub describes how to preserve analogue video and digital video for generations to come.

18:00 – Taub talks about how Hollywood and the major studios should preserve their motion picture assets for generations to come.

19:34 – Taub describes the benefits and drawbacks of storing photos and videos on hard drives versus removable media.

21:06 – Taub offers his opinion about the best removable media available, why it works best and how to maximize its use for archiving and preservation.

24:19 – Taub discusses how to properly store your photos so they are visible for generations to come.

27:43 – End.

Photo by Pepi Stojanovski on Unsplash

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