Podcast Advertising and Measurement with Michael Dunn


Michael Dunn is CTO of Ultra, which is bringing the blockchain revolution to the gaming industry and creating a fair ecosystem for the future of games distribution. 

This is a conversation I had with him when he was at Hearst Interactive Media about podcast advertising and podcast measurement. 

When he was at VP with Hearst Interactive Media, Michael was focused on enterprise technology.

A career technologist focused on the emerging rather than legacy media, advertising and technology, he has held CTO positions at Time Warner, Encoda and Dell Online and senior tech roles with Turner Broadcasting, True North Communications and Hanna-Barbera Studios.

Mike enjoys growing tech startups and is a published author on the art of being a CTO.


6:15 – Michael Dunn talks about Hearst investments in new media, emerging media and emerging technology, and his responsibilities at Hearst Interactive Media.

8:59 – Dunn on the different types of companies Hearst invests in, including companies that are competitive with Hearst. 

11:34 – Dunn on the lack of standardized measurement for podcasting and the value of podcasting for marketers and listeners, “Today the whole beauty of podcasting is you're not connected, you can take it wherever you want to go, you can play it in your time when you want to fill gaps…”

20:43 – Dunn talks about how the mainstream media decides whether to embrace podcasting or not, and what validates podcasting as a way of distributing information for media organizations.

24:09 – Dunn discusses Marcus Chan and The San Francisco's Chronicle's podcasting endeavors.

25:35 – Dunn on taking the initiative to podcast and the benefits of podcasts, “The one really compelling thing that podcasting does…is it gives you direct access to subject matter experts…”

33:48 – Dunn discusses the perspectives of traditional media professionals on social media and consumer generated media. 

37:07 – Dunn offers words of wisdom to young companies that are looking to entice Hearst to make an investment. 

40:50 – End.

Photo by Joi Ito

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